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Reports from my wearable weight loss device

Wellness reports are a paid feature on Fitbit premium. Other wearable weight loss devices include reports, usually premium options also. The reports include suggestions on having a better conversation with your doctor. It’s a great idea on how to turn your visit into your lifestyle outside the doctor’s office.

The wellness reports create an easy-to-read overview of your health information, heart health, weight, sleep and activity. You’ll be ready for your medical check up. Print and give this data to your doctor.

REM Sleep

Wearable weight loss tracker on man's wrist
Most Popular Wearable Activity Bands, Trackers, Smart Watches, measures REM sleep too.

My wearable weight loss device keeps track of my sleep patterns, from light and deep sleep to the well known and little understood REM sleep. REM stands for rapid eye movement sleep phrase. The average adult sleeps in REM about 21% of the time. That is when you dream. If you don’t dream, you’re probably not going into REMs or maybe just not remembering it.

This type of sleep keeps you in bed. Many people who don’t go into REMs sleep, have what some people call “action sleep”. They sleep walk, acting out the dreams they do have.

I have told people that I don’t sleep more than 4 hours a night or day when I worked the night shift. Ah, that’s a sigh of age. AH, I have been doing that since I can’t remember when, ah, so that’s not true.

Actually REM sleep occurs 3 to 5 times a night. It is necessary to go through all these REM cycles for you to feel rested. Experts say that adults 18 and over require 1.5 to 1.8 hours of this REM sleep per night.

So keep track of the REM sleep happening in your life. It restores your brain. My wearable weight loss activity tracker I wear on my wrist is more than a step counter.

Intro to Healthy Habits

From my fitbit today. Building healthy habits will help you reach your goals. A habit is not always a bad thing .We tend to think of them as bad, ya, some are but changing your mind set by taking a look at your past activity, sleep and nutrition habits. Start right there and walk daily. Get off that chair everyday with your wearable weight loss device so you don’t forget. Wear that weight loss device to bed to track your sleep. Sleep is so important and of course, eat well. Fitbit and most activity devices now have healthy diets included.

Groups Inside Wearable Weight Loss Site

Pregnancy has 78K members in the premium family group. That’s only the fitbit activity device. Other walking or steppers have groups for walking while pregnant. Walking while you are pregnant reduces the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery.

Studies show that women who exercise on a regular basis have a lower risk of developing gestational diabetes or ending up with a c-section.

And remember, it helps burn calories and keeps your weight down. Isn’t that why you put the darn thing on your wrist in the first place? Most women don’t start with wearable weight lost devices when they are pregnant. But remember, the wearable band is a great reminder, makes you stronger, your legs muscles and if you happen to get pregnant, it makes giving birth just a little bit easier. Not simple, just easier.

But please, check with your health care provider before heading down the road, you and baby!


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Studies have shown that yoga’s synchronized movement and the movement of chest muscles during breathing may help to ease stress. Wearable weight loss device like Apoll Neuro is actually a wearable stress relief. Stress if not under control can really damage the body.

Walking helps the nervous system by making you stronger and yoga helps you rebalance. Besides losing just weight, the weight loss itself increases your desire to continue to be your best weight and when you do, you have less stress.

You don’t have to be a yoga expert, just learn a few moves and keep walking.

My Fitbit Reminder for Sunday

Talking about nutrition. I haven’t reached my weight loss goal. I did when I started quickly, I thought quickly, when I first put my wearable weight loss device . It went down to 123 pounds, and looked too thin, needed a couple more pounds. Now since covid and a minor MS set back, I have gained it back plus sum.

I need to take the advice my fitbit sent over this morning. Try to avoid snacks for 2 hours before bed. It also states brushing your teeth, chewing sugar-free gum, or taking a post- dinner walk could help.. We usually eat late and I won’t walk in the dark, hate gum and I won’t fall asleep when hungry so I don’t see that advice working for me.

I feel walking only about half the steps I was doing is the problem. 10,000 steps daily was my goal 5 days weekly. And I reached my weight goal. My right leg is still numb but has improved so today is the day to start again. It’s also cooler and I will probably walk half my steps outside and finish inside on my treadmill. Have a great Sunday folks and keep moving.

Progressive Pacing From Fitbit Premium

A workout about progressive pacing for perfect performance with your wearable weight loss device.

Takes about 15 minutes.

Burns 150 calories

It’s a run, not walking.

As I have stated before, I have never been a runner, even at 16 but if you are into running the premium fitbit membership is full of tips on how to make the most of your run.