Where Here to Help From Fitbit

Another notice, they are keeping track, letting me know . Sometimes I do need the encouragement to get up and move. I love to walk but it’s been rainy and to tell the truth, I’ve just been lazy.

Fitbit cares, now offering another Fitbit Premium to help us stay active at home, eat healthier, sleep better, and manage the damn stress, the tire fell off the rim of my car a couple of days ago. Ya, right off and it was clang bang until I found the nearest place to pull over. Thanks for AAA got home ok! But that is stressful.

And remember, Will Smith and team are taking over Fitbit Premium so you can run with Will FREE.

Fitbit Reminder Premium Extended

They have extended their free trial to 90 days. You can try all their at home health and wellness content now for free.

And that fits right in with the rapper and actor Will Smith becoming the new ambassador of Fitbit premium. He is bringing his team with him and showing off. Come walk with Will for FREE!

Get your wearable weight loss device and step right up.

Relax With My Fitbit Inspire HR

It’s not always about walking. The app on my wearable weight loss device has a Relax app installed. Let’s know right from the start that walking is great but you have to learn how to chill.

The Relax app on my device guides me through with a paced breathing prompt by using biofeedback data to show me how closely I follow the prompt as it also shows how breathing impacts my HR.

Rapper, Actor Goes Premium With Wearable Weight Loss

Will Smith and now Fitbit premium ambassador has flipped premium membership upside down. Will is bringing his team to the premium option.


Are you ready to walk with Will? Join Premium to be part of his expert-led Strong Will sessions. He focuses on cardio, core, mindfulness and more. What a great Holiday gift this would make.

Don’t forget to wear your fitbit out walking Trick or Treating.

The one pictured below comes with 1 full year premium.. It’s like walking with Will FREE!

My fitbit Inspire HR Message Today

My wearable weight loss device sent over facts about nutrition. She’s always working to help me out. Keep track of what you eat. It may help you reach your health goals. There is a food- logging feature to see how your diet breaks down in calories, carbs, fat and protein.

Just stay away from sugar. I’m down to 1 or 2 cups of coffee with no sugar. I’m very lazy when it comes to adding my food. I have stopped my ice cream addiction and switched to frozen yogurt, triglycerides improved.

Keep walking and stay safe

Eat That Protein

Protein makes you feel more satisfied. Fills you up and keeps the hunger feeling away longer. My wearable weight loss device states 25 – 39 grams of protein every meal would help you stop the munching and stay away from the sweets and calories.

Something to aim for: 3 oz poultry has about 26 g protein, 1 cup beans has about 16 g or 1 cup quinoa has about 8 g

For myself, I’m always hungry before bedtime, have difficulty sleeping anyway so hunger makes it worse. A protein snack just before lying down to attempt to sleep, keeps the hunger away without adding carbs and calories keep me awake so I sleep better, at least 4 hours, good for me, and helps keep the weight off.

I removed the fitbit last week just for a break, gained a pound but put it back on today, this Sunday am. Back to the races.

Have a good weekend, stay safe and think skinny!