One Pound at a Time to Your Perfect Weight With Wearable Health Devices

Many American adults are overweight or obese, about 2/3. That’s a lot of people that need to take off a little or a lot of fat! The only way to do this is one pound at a time! This is the healthy way. I started wearing my activity band around January 2020 and lost 26 pounds this past year. I actually had to change my goal. I looked in the mirror and decided I needed to add about 2 pounds. It’s easy with the band. Just change the number of steps you need to walk daily and follow the plan. So now I’m 24 pounds thinner or healthier with my wearable health device.

Also, another issue to take note of, these are times we have never experienced before, the Covid times and obesity has taken on a new meaning. Check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Obesity puts a person in the higher risk group for contracting Covid.

Just don’t get fooled by the quick cure scams for your weight problems. You get all excited at first when a few pounds seems to just disappear, soon to return. That’s water loss at first but the fat will remain without a little effort on the person’s part.

You have to get off your butt and move. If you have tried or are thinking about trying a diet, wait, stop and think again. Why most people don’t achieve permanent weight loss is due to the inability to continue the diet. That’s not really the person’s fault. The mistake is this person and most or at least many don’t really see what the diet allows you to eat and then ask if that’s something they could maintain for the rest of their life.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to die hungry! I just love to eat. That was ok when I was a kid with a metabolism that seemed to be running on speed. I could eat all the pasta and ice cream I wanted and went down the aisle at 92 pounds. Won’t see that again, the aisle or the 92 pounds.

Then you got the jump from diet to diet dieters, the yo-yos. They try one diet for awhile, lose a few pounds, quit the diet, gain back the weight usually more, and move on to another diet of the season . The process is repeated and repeated and with each new attempt you just get bigger and bigger.

Lose Weight Successfully

But remember, walking is easy for most of us, no weight lifting or sit ups, just walk. And with all the wearable health devices on the market, you can snap it on your wrist and let it be the boss. Just remember you have to take it out of the box and wear it. It really is a tattletale but also a motivator. I need that motivator. And as far as the food I eat, I go green and protein with a few carbohydrates. Have to have some of each and it’s something I can live with. Remember, if you have gobbled up your first serving, wait 20 minutes before attacking another. It takes the brain that long to realize you’re full.

Eat more raw vegetables and fruits and whole grains. That may be true but I ‘m not in love with any of those. Celery gets stuck in my teeth and carrots are tasty when they are soft and cooked in a boiled dinner. I still drink my coffee but without 4 teaspoons of sugar! Light on the cream and no sugar at all. I bet 6 of the pounds I did lose were due to the coffee, should I say the sugar cut down. Sugar is poison. Throw it out.

Yes, you’ll have to make a few lifestyle changes, or change old habits. Habits, when straightened out to your advantage, are a good thing. Not all habits are bad. You’ll have to work on being more disciplined in your eating habits and exercising or in my case, walking.

That’s why I love the wearable weight loss devices on the market. Those bands really keep an eye on your walking and when you stop, they can be very loud about it. But, in the end, it’s worth it! You’ll look better and feel better! Your confidence will return, and you’ll feel and look that there isn’t anything that you cannot do like buying a new wardrobe damn quickly.

Swap the large coke and French fries and huge hamburger for a healthier you. If you really can’t skip it, order a smaller order. That’s another problem with losing weight. Our portions are much to large. Wait that 20 minutes.

But, if you are serious about this weight loss problem and want to take off the extra fat and keep it off, be conscious about everything you put in your mouth and listen to your activity and wearable health device. I call mine “Maggie”.

Get into some healthy habite

Note: Before beginning any weight loss program, be sure to check with your medical professional.