“No one told you it was going to be this way!”

Good Morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you may be on this planet. I’m a former nurse. I realize now that you can’t really be a former nurse.. people have so many questions about their health from boils to much more serious matters. I do my best to help but always suggest that they call their doctor and ask. You owe it to yourself .

My passion, besides the internet, is walking, easiest way to exercise and walking helps keep my legs strong. Truthfully, I leave claw marks on the door while pushing myself out. It’s so difficult to start but once out, I’m very proud of myself. And the band I wear on my wrist makes me accountable. It’s a tattletale.

Wearable Weight Loss
Walking to lose weight and track vital signs.

As a nurse, I saw first hand what too much fat can do to us humans. I don’t mean you need to be just ankles, knees, and elbows with a gaping space between your thighs! That’s not healthy or attractive.

Hey, eat well, at least most of the time, you will screw up occasionally, we all do but don’t give up. In fact, I plan on one day a week not to exercise and eat whatever I want. That’s my reward and something to look forward to. But since walking, even on my day off, my tastes have changed. I have no desire to stuff myself…. but ice cream still calls my name when I go out!

Walking is not only a passion for me. I have relapsing multiple sclerosis. Most people say I don’t look like I have MS but you can’t see numbness. I lost mobility only once in the very beginning, staggered while out shopping. My last relapse was in December 2020. My activity tracker shows that my walking steps decreased considerably, from 10,000 steps daily to 6,546 today. I’m not pushing it, just do what I can daily and will get there. But I realize I have been very fortunate.

Keep track of your progress, that tattletale helps me. I will try to make a note frequently on this website of my progress. It may help us all to stay a healthy weight. Obesity is a major problem in this country and causes many health issues. I use a Fitbit as a weight loss tracker to keep my weight within normal range, it works for me and may work for you. There are many activity bands on the market with different options built in, not just to lose weight but for other health reasons. It’s all about what you need. Everyone is different.

Glenbye, what’s a glenbye you may ask? The first half is my ex- husband’s name and our 2 kids. The last half is my maiden name, my real self, and my youngest daughter’s name. Oh, life reminds me of “Friends”, “No one told you it was going to be this way!”