My Fitbit Inspire HR sent me another comment today. And yes, I still have my original Inspire Fitbit HR. I’m in love with that wearable weight loss band.

Talking about sleeping and getting enough. This is different for most humans but my wearable weight loss wrist band lets me know how much sleep I get during the day or night, some people are nocturnal. Count me in on that one.

Fit bit states to get better sleep, the bedroom setting has an impact on your sleep. Light, temperature, and noise are 3 main environmental issues that affect sleep.

Make your room Sleep-Friendly. Good sleep habits are linked to weight loss or better control of your weight and help to increase a better mood. Not so grumpy! Less grumpy so when your feet hit the floor, you don’t hear God say, ” Oh no, it’s up!”

Also, with enough sleep, you have the energy to be active and do what’s needed to be done. You may even enjoy going to work. Turn the temperature down in your bedroom. Studies have shown that a cool room is better for a good sleep.

Turn lights down, unwind as you get ready for bed, and don’t try to get your 10,000 steps done just before bedtime. Exercise and walking are great but not just before you want to sleep. In fact, with the lights dimmed, makes your body feel it’s bedtime and you will start to produce melatonin.

Also, take a day or two to get rid of the clutter in your room. I may need three. Too much stuff around can be stressful. Dust the places you haven’t seen in a while. You know what I mean, we all have them. And try to wash those sheets weekly. Fresh clean sheets encourage people to want to go to bed. Go to bed happy. And make the bed your “sleep-only” place. I’m guilty of this one. I take my tablet to bed and read. Hey, when we can now carry a thousand books, well nearly in that tiny cell phone, who can resist not reading. Just be aware, that it’s known to keep you awake and your wearable weight loss device will show you are finding it more difficult to lose weight when up and not as active because you are tired!

Good night folks, enjoy the weekend.

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