Gaining Weight During the Holidays

Message from my fitbit today. They must be reading my mind. They are here for us, to help support all of us. I’m not sure but this time of year, right around the last 3 holidays, starting with Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas most of us gain weight. I gained 15 pounds, just eating and basically doing nothing. The weather is cold where I live and still held back by the covid scare, I have lost my motivation. Just excuses maybe but this has to stop or I’ll be rolling out the door!

Fitbit is offering a free trial of their premium membership. You can unlock video workouts, nutrition programs, guided meditations, and much more. Get started before you get fatter. The holidays are over. We may just have to attack the treadmill. It’s not only really cold in many areas of the US but slippery. Please be careful folks.

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