Eat That Protein

Protein makes you feel more satisfied. Fills you up and keeps the hunger feeling away longer. My wearable weight loss device states 25 – 39 grams of protein every meal would help you stop the munching and stay away from the sweets and calories.

Something to aim for: 3 oz poultry has about 26 g protein, 1 cup beans has about 16 g or 1 cup quinoa has about 8 g

For myself, I’m always hungry before bedtime, have difficulty sleeping anyway so hunger makes it worse. A protein snack just before lying down to attempt to sleep, keeps the hunger away without adding carbs and calories keep me awake so I sleep better, at least 4 hours, good for me, and helps keep the weight off.

I removed the fitbit last week just for a break, gained a pound but put it back on today, this Sunday am. Back to the races.

Have a good weekend, stay safe and think skinny!

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