Groups Inside Wearable Weight Loss Site

Pregnancy has 78K members in the premium family group. That’s only the fitbit activity device. Other walking or steppers have groups for walking while pregnant. Walking while you are pregnant reduces the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery.

Studies show that women who exercise on a regular basis have a lower risk of developing gestational diabetes or ending up with a c-section.

And remember, it helps burn calories and keeps your weight down. Isn’t that why you put the darn thing on your wrist in the first place? Most women don’t start with wearable weight lost devices when they are pregnant. But remember, the wearable band is a great reminder, makes you stronger, your legs muscles and if you happen to get pregnant, it makes giving birth just a little bit easier. Not simple, just easier.

But please, check with your health care provider before heading down the road, you and baby!

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