My Fitbit Reminder for Sunday

Talking about nutrition. I haven’t reached my weight loss goal. I did when I started quickly, I thought quickly, when I first put my wearable weight loss device . It went down to 123 pounds, and looked too thin, needed a couple more pounds. Now since covid and a minor MS set back, I have gained it back plus sum.

I need to take the advice my fitbit sent over this morning. Try to avoid snacks for 2 hours before bed. It also states brushing your teeth, chewing sugar-free gum, or taking a post- dinner walk could help.. We usually eat late and I won’t walk in the dark, hate gum and I won’t fall asleep when hungry so I don’t see that advice working for me.

I feel walking only about half the steps I was doing is the problem. 10,000 steps daily was my goal 5 days weekly. And I reached my weight goal. My right leg is still numb but has improved so today is the day to start again. It’s also cooler and I will probably walk half my steps outside and finish inside on my treadmill. Have a great Sunday folks and keep moving.

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