Records Sexual Activity?

Wearable weight loss for all activities

Does the wearable weight loss device track every activity? In 2008, the first device( Apple) took the market by storm. People want to track their movements and walking steps and how it effects other vital signs. And if you take it out of the box and use it, it works very well. Your health is worth it. In fact, it can be really fun since it recorded most all activity, ya, that one too.

As of 2016, it has remained very popular. It tracks calories, heart rate, food intake, total body weight, sleep habits or not, insomnia. But does it track everything? Ya, you know what I’m talking about and it’s not walking. In 2008, there was even an option for let’s say ” adult activity.” There was even an option for it in the drop down menu!

Oops, things got a little carried overboard… 2011 these activity devices recorded all this activity and posted online! Holy crap, I’m smiling right now because that is sort of funny, if names were left off. But many profiles were set to public access by default. Those people could be seen if they were light effort during the activity, or mild to moderate, passive, light effort, or active and vigorous. It seems that positional changes the calorie burn also. So wearable weight loss can take on a bit of different strategy. Thankfully the company hid all user activity records.

There is an easy way to still track your private activity and there are 4 main ways, which I’m not going to describe!! Use your imagination. Go to Fid Day for that information. The activity trackers no longer automatically track that sort of activity. You have to create your own “custom activity” and put the details in manually. Of course, it’s 4:20 am as I write. I don’t know how to set this up, but if anyone does, leave a comment. Just keep it clean. Apparently, wearable weight loss devices are more than just counting steps! Love it!

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