Wellness and Steps

My fitbit sent me a notice this morning. Regular exercise can help you sleep better. It will actually help you fall asleep faster. I haven’t conquered the sleep factor yet. I can’t tell if exercise before bedtime defeats the purpose or not. Fitbit suggests it’s ok to exercise before bed but take a wind- down time of about 30 to 60 minutes.

We are all different and I have found the only factor with my sleeping ability is not to eat carbs right before bedtime.

I can’t go to bed hungry but not carbs. Protein works best for me. And I don’t do exercising at night, or at least right before bedtime. It’s really humid here today. Putting the a/c on and get some steps in. The wearable weight loss device I wear on my wrist is not getting enough use. Not enough steps means more pounds for me.

Have a great day folks, don’t forget to take a break every hour or so to stand and walk the hall if you have an office job. As a nurse, I didn’t have to worry about that!

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