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Sleep is needed. Prepare for probably the most important 8 hours of your day. Sleep! Help your brain to calm down, wind down and relax. Try meditation which can take a bit of practice. It’s not easy getting your mind to shut up. When I go to bed to sleep for some reason, I begin to think about all the events happening in my life and even the world like I can solve them all. My wearable weight loss device let’s me know the next morning how long I was awake and the news usually has not changed much. But at least the sun or daylight is out. If you are a night worker, you are in reverse.

And don’t forget, better sleep usually means more weight loss.

Reading or listening to soothing music works better for me. I have read that if you use a cell phone or digital device to read right before sleep time, that will keep you awake. Wear blue tinted glasses or use a blue screen on your device or better yet, read a book. Hmm, forgot what they are?

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