Community Groups on My fitbit

Another reminder from my fitbit wearable weight loss device. She gives me a list of community activities like news, local events, connecting with friends, and events and finding groups you may like. Yes, she has a gender now!

Everyone is different and enjoys some activities and some not so much. A neighborhood girl is up at 5am daily and runs about 4 miles before she starts her day. If I was able to do that or fit it in my schedule, that would be the beginning and end of my day! But, unbelievably this community has 2.1 million members. There is also a daily activity group with 2 million members. A Yoga group with 1.9 million members and information on “Snacking Tips” with 3.4 million members. Notice how that group is the largest. I bet it has increased since the covid epidemic.

It’s sunny here near the ocean but still humid. I was going to mow the lawn again today but just realized the battery in my car is dead. Going to call AAA first and hope I still have the desire to mow. Have a nice day and think “Mindful,” the new skinny!

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