Fitbit Notice of Daily Showdown 7/18/21

Great for no friends or no walking friends. That can be difficult during covid. My wearable weight loss on my wrist shows challenges and adventures. Use your determination to take home a win in this fitness face- to – face by getting the most steps in.

The duration sent out today is for only one day with 2 to 10 people involved. Up to 10 people can participate. Invite friends if you still have any after this unheard of year. Your friends can invite their friends to join the stepping race also.

Time zone doesn’t matter. My wearable weight loss device runs on my time zone as each stepper runs on their time zone. 12 am to 11:59 the day its created in the time zone of the person who created the challenge. If you join late, the wearable weight loss device will add any steps you have done automatically.

Really cool. It’s great for motivation and keeps you and whoever is walking interested. Just the fact that you could be walking with a walker in Spain while you are stepping in Texas.

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