Reminder From fitbit inspire HR

My fitbit inspire HR has a remark this morning. It suggests I should walk more by adding a couple of minutes of walking time for each hour I sit during the day. That activity is linked to a longer life expectancy. A 2 to 3 minute walk equals about 250 steps. I took my wearable weight loss device off over the holiday but it’s Monday, 7/5/21, and time to get moving. I actually slept 6 hours and 10 minutes last night. That is excellent for me. I’m usually a 4 hour sleeper. I did notice that I had 22 steps recorded during the night and I don’t remember being up at all. I use to sleep walk when younger and I hope it’s not starting again. Will have to watch that! I think I’ll write down the number of steps on my activity tracker before turning the lights off and check first thing in the morning before getting out of bed.

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