Fitbit Activity Reminder

Its 7/1/21 and the year is half over. Damn, it goes so fast. It’s morning here in New England and already 99 degrees and my wearable weight loss device, fitbit inspire HR is giving me orders but that does help keep my mind on exercise that competes with other activities in my life.

At the very top of my wrist device it mentions ACTIVITY:

Social motivation can help you reach your fitness goals. Try adding a friend on Fitbit… people who do average 700 more steps a day are good exercise friends to have. I average that running around my living room! And don’t forget the community. It’s fun, to know you are spending time walking with someone in Canada still blows my mind.

While I’m on a roll here, check out this book, “Mindful is the New Skinny”

Great read for people working on their weight and dealing with the stress of just going forward while dealing with the rest of life’s stress.

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