Sleep Reminder From My Fitbit

Sleep helps your brain wind down with a relaxing bedtime routine. Try meditation, reading or listening to soothing music! I’m a night owl so this is difficult for me but lack of sleep does relate to increase in illness and longevity and weight gain.

Also weight gain is seen more often in night workers. I have heard people say the nightshift workers are heavier because they don’t move as much. Well, follow me around during those hours, I barely stop and the elderly in general don’t always sleep at night. Issues are always happening and the staff is decreased to the bare minimum. My wearable weight loss tracker did an easy 10,000 steps most nights!

Humans are not meant to be nocturnal but some of us are “just because”, I have no idea but most owls are awake all night due to shift work. I’m off that shift now but still remain awake until 2am and it’s still difficult to go to sleep. There is a hormone called Ghrelin, the “GO” hormone that gives the self orders to eat. When you are sleep deprived, like many night workers, you have more ghrelin. And there is another hormone involved called Leptin that tells you to STOP eating and if sleep deprived, you have less Leptin. That combination equals more pounds on!

Just a note. I’m still using my “fitbit inspire” HR

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