Dress Up Your Plus Size Body To Look Slimmer Until it is Slimmer

Ya, it can be done!

With a women’s body, especially a plus size, start with supporting the ‘girls!’

A plus size body was once called just being fat! Not so long ago, fat women couldn’t buy trendy clothes as a more petite lady. There are different definitions of fat and petite also. Are you comfortable with what you are in? Does you knees knock together? Does your fat hang over your waist forming a roll? Think it may be called a muffin roll, don’t know. Neither are healthy weights. Now, plus size clothing has taken a turn for the better. Plus and curvy has stepped up with the “house dresses going down!” Oh my God, my mother use to wear “house dresses!” Now curvy plus has a chose, choose the most flattering clothes for your body. And remember you skinny ones, being too thin is not always attractive. My opinion only.

Tips to Look Thinner Until You are Thinner or the Weight you Feel Comfortable in:

Dark, solid colors are slimming. Black is the best color to help in looking slimmer. Navy blue is a close second. Light colors or pattered prints balloon you out.

Princess seams are a slimming design that curve in, on both sides, to form a very lazy ‘C’ stitch. Do you know what a lazy C stitch? These are ideal for plus size wear. They are sewn into front or back to give a tailored look. That’s all I know about them. I do well to sew a button on my blouse!

Long sleeves, not good in the warm weather, but help to minimize the look of heavy arms or wrists. The length will minimize a plus size wrist or fore arms. Also, as we age, longer sleeves will cover age marks or crepey skin. ( but that is another topic, won’t go there yet). Some say capris pants with an ankle bracelet will decrease any signs of a plus size figure. No, I disagree. I love ankle bracelets but I feel it draws attention to the leg. Again, my opinion. What do you think?

Most plus size women want to wear baggy clothes, not want to but feel they have to. But this doesn’t hide anything. Choose a figure flattering outfit. Not tight clothes, but something that shows the figure off in good taste. No one wants to see fat rolls one on top of the other or showing legs with gapping spaces between thigh bones and calf bones are not attractive either. I’m not trying to make fun here, but want you to feel comfortable in your body, don’t kid yourself, but please remember a good weight for your age and height, is a healthy weight and a perfect 10 is not necessary for longevity.

Why are they love handles? They look horrible with jeans or pants in general if the top you are wearing is tight. Get rid of them but until you do, wear a loser top, like an a-line or flutter shirt. You’ll just look better and not spend the day holding your gut it.

Do not wear clothes that are too tight. This is simply bad taste. This goes for plus or thin. Goes for any age. Why do younger ladies, teenagers even, think it’s ok to wear clothes with rolls of fat hanging over their jeans? It’s not healthy young ladies and so unattractive, young fat is maybe tighter but if you don’t lose it by the time you are 25, it will become loose flabby skin and you will have to work really hard to get rid of it.

If all else fails, after trying wearable weight loss devices and walking, check these weight loss meds that are known to be effective. And remember to check with your primary first.

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