Walking on The Boring Treadmill

You probably know that walking is a wonderful way to be better fit and lose weight. But there are draw backs to walking for fitness and depending on wearable weight loss technology . It takes more than wearing a watch or a band on your wrist. The biggest challenges to walking for fitness are the weather and finding time. Sometimes finding time is just an excuse but the weather is a big issue. Although walking when it’s cold will boost your weight loss by increasing your metabolism to keep warm.

I have to make sure my ears are covered. My ears hate the cold and when that cold air rushes inside my ears they just ache. So if you are like me, keep them covered.

When it’s raining or snowing outside, or really cold, the last thing you may want to do is go for a walk. That’s when I resort to my treadmill. I’m thinking about that right now as I write. It’s damp and I know I’m going downstairs and walk if only for 15 minutes. I really hate the thing. But it works. Plus I have to build some lung power for an upcoming Stress Test my Primary insists I have.

Likewise if you live a busy life, and who doesn’t? I have to contact my plumber today also. Does anyone else have these things happen? When one thing breaks, they all break. Nothing to really complain about in these days of covid but still, finding the time while the toilet drips and drips!! Then the only time you may be able to walk is when it’s dark outside. No, not me, strange things wander around in my neighborhood at night. The other night, I peered out my front door and saw a pair of low to the ground shinning eyes peering back. NO, I’m a scaredy cat! So what’s a person to do? Ya, I know, develop a liking for the treadmill, or at least some respect for it. The wearable weight loss device just isn’t enough on these occasions.

A treadmill is the answer. A treadmill provides you with the ability to:

  • Walk any time you want if you can talk yourself into it. – walk whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Walk rain or shine – indoor walking doesn’t care about the weather! No outdoor animals to fear. They are probably more afraid of you anyway but I’m not taking that chance.
  • Walk and multitask – talk on the phone, watch television or read while you walk! But you still have to be careful. Don’t get so involved with your music or program you miss a step and stumble. It’s hurts. I’m talking from experience, my clip wasn’t on!

Shopping for a Walking Treadmill.

Treadmills come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. I was lucky and got mine from a friend. Ya, the poor thing, the treadmill, not the friend, was bought with good intentions, but after a few times of use, was delegated to the shed and 3 years later, became a clothes rack! That’s the fate of many treadmills. Mine is pictured above and below, not fancy but it’s still working. And I just googled it, the ProForm Fitness brand attracts more buyers than any other competitor in the market. They are made by Icon Health and Fitness who are the biggest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. Makes a great clothes rack too!

New treadmills below :

If you are really going to use it – buy one with a larger motor. It will last loner. Smaller motors have shorter life spans.

You can purchase a manual treadmill. You power the treadmill. This can be an inexpensive and low maintenance type of treadmill. But a treadmill has to be at a significant incline to be able to start under the power of your two feet, two legs, entire body put into it! No, not me but that’s your choice. You may not want to walk for thirty or sixty minutes at such an incline. I have tried it and found that it’s very hard on the legs and even my back. It just wasn’t fun.

Incline – increasing the incline, increases the resistance, increases the the calorie burn. It’s important for most people to do this. Some treadmills even have programs for walking that include rolling hills or mountain climbing programs. I do the same thing walking my neighborhood with my wearable weight loss tracker attached to my wrist. Of course, the treadmill makes it easier in bad weather.

Treadmill bed surface – I never considered this. Maybe because at 5′ 2″, I never had to consider being too tall for much of anything. But if you are a tall guy or a girl lucky enough to look down at the top of most other girl’s heads, choose a treadmill that is long enough for your natural stride. Also make sure it is wide enough for you to walk comfortably. If your joints hurt or ache look for a treadmill with a surface that has cushioning. Also, remember to check with your primary before starting any new exercise routine.

If you’re going to use your treadmill often , get a book or magazine holder. You may want pre-programmed workouts. Even an iPod or true wireless headphones to listen to music. Even a wearable weight loss tracker or wrist band that many have communities to walk with. You can walk to Spain with a real person online!

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