Are fitness trackers for kids worth it?

Testing out products that are geared towards students and their parents and as gadgets have become a big part of back-to-school shopping. One of the devices that your child might be asking for this fall is a fitness tracker all right.

So on this wellness, Wednesday or dr. Frank McGeorge takes a look at the potential benefits for school-age kids. Fitness trackers are hugely popular with adults, so it’s, not surprising that many kids are clamoring for their own version, but is it a good idea? Well, I didn’t have to go far to find a mom willing to share her thoughts.

Initially, I thought it was a ridiculous idea, because why would kids need fitness trackers? All our kids? Do it’s, run around local for medical producer? Sarah Mayberry is a mother of three and when her oldest two asked for fitness trackers earlier this year, she was skeptical.

I was worried that they wouldn’t use it. They would lose it or it would just be another thing that I would have to charge at night, but when eight-year-old Addie and six-year-old will received the Garmin vivofit jr.

two trackers for Easter, they were an instant hit. I really liked how it track. Two stops. Everyone’s, wondering tell me I get. You have to get 10,000 steps to UM fool your walk and go that’s. No problem for these two, but Sara is a fan of other features too.

They do count the steps which is great and they love to see how many steps they got and whether they met their activity goal for the day, but they also track sleep, which is actually really helpful. I had always thought that our daughter was a really deep sleeper and that our son was a light sleeper, but the data actually showed the complete opposite.

Andi was actually waking up a lot during the night and what was getting a lot of deep sleep. The trackers sync, with an app on the parents phone which allows you to set reminders for specific chores and award coins when they’re, completed Addie and will earn coins for brushing their teeth playing with the cat and doing their homework.

You get points um, and I only have more than 10,000. They’re, very motivated by winning those coins. They like to see that pop up on their. If you choose kids who meet their activity, coal can also win points to play minigames on a tablet to Sara’s relief.

These fitness trackers have batteries that are good for at least a year. No charging require the only downside so far. The actual bands aren’t tough enough. It breaks pretty easily when I’m trying to put it on.

We’ve, already gone through one extra band for each of them. So I would say, if you’re, looking at the cost plan on buying extra bands to Sara says she wouldn’t, recommend a fitness tracker for kids, who would be stressed out by trying to meet the daily goal or for kids, Who lose things easily, but overall she’s.

Now a fan Eddie and will? Will they agree? If you don’t want to invest in a fitness tracker, there are very inexpensive pedometers. The kids can use to track their steps and even a simple wall chart with stickers can motivate kids to meet their daily goals for exercise and anything else.

That’s important to your family. Back to you good idea, with the fact that those kids were getting 9 and 10 hours that sounded heavenly for those days yeah. No, I don’t fitness trackers for kids range in price from about $ 35 for simple versions to around a hundred and forty dollars for more advanced models, so the prices can get up there, the ones that Addie and we’ll Use we’re in about $ 70, but sounds like it’s worth it, and all different price ranges too.

So it might be something that you want to try for your kids or even for yourself.

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