Fitbit Tracks Periods

FitBit Adds Menstrual Cycle Tracking

I mean first of all, they can track a lot different things. They can track your heart rate, your sleep patterns, but it looks like they can potentially track your menstrual cycle. Oh so, our obviating it can track.

Available on many wearable weight loss trackers 13 years and older to better understand how your health and fitness effects menstrual tracking. The option is also available on Charge 3 and other activity bands and smartwatches.

This is the time to have a baby, or this is the best time to. Maybe you don’t want to have a baby, so maybe you should probably lay off your significant other, really cool thing and I think for women and makes it a little bit easier kind of takes the pressure off you don’t Know where can I order this to get pregnant? You know someone a woman who’s, trying to get pregnant, not saying this is an advertisement for Fitbit great, but this is a great way to track your body temperature, your basal body temperature, to know when you are ovulating when you will be having your period and just the overall cycle of your body, because some people are not on the pill.

Some people are doing the old-fashioned way of we’re gonna just go ahead and see if we can get pregnant right with nothing, no protection, and things like that. So this is a really handy tool, so you just go.

Oh, you know what I’m, actually ovulating. It was a little smiley face on my wrist right now. Okay, so I can go ahead and try with my significant other to procreate. So do you guys like the idea? I love that mainly because a lot of my friends were in that age group right where everyone’s.

Okay, not everyone! Excuse me, but a lot of my friends are now married okay, two years into the relationship. Now we’re talking about growing families together at that time yeah. We all have these apps right.

Yes, you have the app, but the app is not attached to my exactly the app can say. According to the last ten months, we’ve been tracking. This is what the graph shows in terms of how long your cyclist TM, I know how long your cycle is.

When it is, you’re ovulating, but it’s. Not always as precise, if you’re, not a regular person. If you’re, not true, then gaming but away, then he it’s gonna be kind of off. So what I do like is there a lot of those watches out there and they yes do track your body temperature, because your body temperature does raise one degree when you’re, getting ready to ovulate, okay.

Well, I may just be really hot at night. You know they say when you wake up. Take the take your temperature, because the day that your temperature spikes is the day you’re going to start ovulating. I got to know what your regular temperature is to know when it’s good, it’s very actually rule yes again.

This is that’s, just when you have the app and then when you have something separate like wash, but if I do have a Fitbit that tells the time tracks. My steps. Um also tells me when I’m. Ovulating tells me when my my periods, because of the P words right my period is coming and do all the above I mean shoutout to Fitbit yeah and Chris hooks, who’s, our digital producer back there somewhere.

You would say that Fitbit usually is ahead of the game when it comes to these sort of trends to afib it’s, doing it that Apple watch may come out with that shirt. You’re gonna get other devices that are going to start doing this, so I applaud Fitbit for being a one-stop shop.

So I’m gonna go ahead and say this. I think what they should do is make an alert for the people in your lives so that okay PMS is coming around and it attacks your heart. Yeah bang back up don’t talk to her.

She’s having a rough day. That is what people in my life need to do, and I think it would be really helpful if they have that to know in general, when we work with you, okay stay away from Ariane. This is her time where she’s going to be on there.

You would never know it anyway, but yes, people in Milan personally, okay, I need it for opposite reasons: no more children. She needs to know when she is ovulating, so she don’t get involved. She said quote: unquote sorry, honey Fitbit says no hanky-panky time.

Instead of I have a headache – oh my god eyes. So she’s instead of trying just like I have a headache not right. Now it’s like no Fitbit is saying that let you watch it live. Oh my god. I, like other people’s, reasons for getting out of this because it’s.

No, it’s, just it’s, so smart for so many reasons. Right because I mean think about you know for women. They have this event every month and guys we get this, but there’s. Hope I used to deal with it though well yeah, yes, and no I mean, but every woman deals with it differently.

Sometimes it really makes a difference, and sometimes it doesn’t, but I mean think about you know for your health. Your health is a daily thing, tracking your steps, but women’s. Bodies go through a major change every month.

Yes, so it’s, just smart, it makes sense. I mean half the world’s. Population might be interested in this product. You know what I mean and the other half is at least very interested as well. I mean it really matters and it’s taken a long time.

Maybe the technology just became available, but yeah I’m glad. They’re, focusing on this because it really matters, and it matters to men too, who are just as involved. It takes two to tango. It takes two to create a baby and, and you’re right there’s technology for other things, but you know in this case it I was you know, say hypothetically speaking of my position, where Caesar would need to be just as Aware, oh yeah, what my body is going through so that you know when that time comes he’s, ready to rock hey.

What Fitbit does need is that they need to track a male’s fertility as well, because no, it also needs to be healthy. They can’t just be oh smoking and drinking. We need the healthy sperm as well. It takes two to take, and so they can be more cognizant to like.

Maybe they can get an alert like your significant other that whom you’re, trying to make a baby with, is your all’s higher? So I don’t know when really remember whatever it is that they know when that time is so that they they get the they need alerts.

A couple more comments before we leave okay, if there are any no, it was that ended. They were just laughing really a Kimberly Morgan. I smoked. I left the male fertility smoke. So if the man is smoking drinking and sitting the hot tub for seven hours a day, not ready to have a baby that month, so we would keep chiming him in the comments.

Available on many wearable weight loss trackers 13 years and older to better understand how your health and fitness effects menstrual tracking. The option is also available on Charge 3 and other activity bands and smartwatches.

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