My Fitbit Inspire has Auto Exercise Recognition

I’m keeping track of my days actually exercising with help from my Fitbit. It’s Sunday and I have walked my first day of 5 days I plan to walk. I set up a plan to walk 5 days a week but usually walk more. That does have much to do with the weather and New England this time of year is usually good walking weather, right before Halloween. October here is a great month for walking. Winter in New England is another story all together. Time to purchase a treadmill.

I weighted in at 125 today. That’s a good weight for me even though I’m only 5’2″ in height. Some of that weight must be muscle weight because my over all appearance looks ok, not skinny, not cubby. In fact, I think I need a little more muscle for definition but when it comes to weight lifting, I’m lazy… can’t get into it but will try harder this coming week.

My body fat percentage is 23%…great numbers for me. The Fitbit Inspire calculates that also when I add my weight. Now the Fitbit can be worn for general fitness or to lose weight. I do report mostly on weight loss because that is the reason I wear it. Healthy is great but being healthy and the proper weight for my body type and height is even better. You could say I want both. The Fitbit Inspire, really all wearable weight loss bands track both.

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