Fitbit Inspire HR

All you have to do is choose your color, you can go black or lilac ( I chose the lilac) and everybody’s going to get an extra white band so after you choose your color just decide, do you want the small or do you want the large.

The fitbit inspire HR with the heart rate is sleek and feminine. This is a benefit when you don’t want a big bulky timepiece. Yeah, it disappears on your wrist. I forget I’m wearing it. It’s just that light. 7 ounces and then half of an inch wide so it’s really easy to wear and fashion forward.

The fitbit inspire HR is the fitbit I have so this info comes from a person who wears it everyday and to bed. It is a great fitness tracker, not just to lose weight. It has become my buddy and I just love her. I purchased it from Walmart and is a completely feature packed so this does everything.

Tattletale on my Wrist

My fitbit Inspire HR is my timepiece so it shows time and date right there. You can swipe right up and see all of the activities that you’ve done during the course of the day because this helps hold you accountable. My tattletale on my wrist.

Fitbit HR Exercise and Activity Tracker

There are watch faces that you can change, you can totally change your clock face and are able to swipe up and it’s going to show you how many steps you’ve taken during the course of the day. You have these really great hourly goals too. When home and more sedentary than usual, little hourly reminders are sent to get you off your butt and start moving. This helps me because I tend to lose track of time when I’m on the computer and need to be reminded to get up and move. My fitbit inspire HR has the built-in heart rate and shows the resting heart rate. Although my main reason for using a fitness tracker is for weight loss, it’s huge to be able to check the dashboard which sticks with your phone so you can look back at weeks and weeks of history. This shows you your active minutes, your distance traveled, your calories burned all on your wrist. It also shows you those hourly reminders so your goal is 250 steps an hour, to try to get up and do it.

Wearable Weight Loss

It shows your active days of the week. Now don’t get obsessed. This wearable weight loss tracker is just a reminder. Try to keep it fun. I tell myself, just do the best you can. No pressure. I don’t know about you, but I need to be reminded to get up from this computer and move the body. But sometimes I just can’t and that’s ok.

Sleep Option

I really like the sleep option. I never slept well. I wake up at night for some reason. But that is the reason I usually worked the night shift. But even when I got home, after working all night, I could only sleep a few hours and I wake up. I set my fitbit inspire HR option for 7 hours. I’ve reached my goal about 2 times since I started with my fitbit. The fitbit also shows how long I was in rem sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep. I think I will always be nocturnal . Some people just are. But sleep is so important to being a desirable weight.

My Fitbit Inspire HR with 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking. I Love It!

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