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It’s a beautiful day here in New England. I got on the scale this morning, always weigh yourself right after you get up and empty your bladder first. I don’t weigh in everyday but at least 3 times a week. Forget about the “period week” girls. You’re usually heavier at that time. I find I weigh between 123 lbs to 125 pounds. My goal weight when I started with the fitbit was to go under 130 as far down to 120. I guess I wanted to see what I looked like as I lost weight and take it from there.

At 123 I started to look on the too thin side so decided to hold up. On my fitbit I changed my goal weight to 124, going to work on the muscles now along with walking. Muscle cells are heavier than fat cells so I may gain weight as I increase muscle. But I should firm up, I hope.

Have any of you lost weight and then worked on increasing your muscles? Please leave a comment. Did you firm up without gaining fat? I know it takes a while to build muscle cells and protein so I’ll go to work on them for a few weeks and let you know.

In the meantime, try

Ankle/Wrist Weights

Difficult to Stay in Shape

It’s so difficult to stay in shape in this society. There is a fast food restaurant on nearly every corner serving unhealthy food, trying to pass it off as healthy. Physically limited activities that technology has helped create has also made it easy for us to pile on the fat and become far heavier then we would like. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and we do have a chose. I think it takes more will power in our modern times, especially with quarantine and a pandemic that we have never dealt with before. CRAZY times to say the least. One good thing for walkers, you don’t need a gym to walk. And as I mentioned before, most wearable weight loss devices have built in communities right on the app. So cool.

Diet and Exercise

If you live in the city, walking outside may still present problems, so walk inside your own home. I do that many times. I’m wearing a path into the livingroom rug. Or maybe buy a treadmill. In the country, walking usually can be done without a mask, staying 6 feet away is easy. I was out today, a beautiful day and saw only a couple of people. I think others were at the beach. Summer is drawing to an end and the ocean is our neighbor.

But there are a variety of methods to deal with weight gain if that is happening to you, from surgical or dietary to physical. The best options would be a combination of diet and exercise to help your body naturally lose that weight. I have nothing against plastic surgery but it scares me a little bit. I would just as soon walk and try to eat green most of the time.

However, there are things you can do to help your work outs to see results just that little bit sooner. Seeing results faster always gives the walker more motivation to continue on. Adding ankle/wrist weight to your work out is a small addition, but can have a large positive impact on your results.

Ankle and wrist weights are small weights that you can strap around your ankles and wrists. These weights add more resistance to even any movements like walking.

The more your body works and making your arms and legs heavier, the more work is done, the more muscle it builds and the harder your heart pumps. This burns calories, the name of the game, and helps eat away that fat, the result of the game.. So these weights just make your body work a little bit harder, and as result burn more calories. Lose more weight.

Going for a walk around the block can see double the results by adding ankle/wrist weights. When we walk we naturally swing our arms and obviously move our legs. The added resistance to these movements by the weights force your muscles to work that much harder, which is a good thing. And you will feel the movements more. They don’t look like much but after a few hundred steps, you become well aware of their presence.

There are so many ways ankle/wrist weight can help you lose weight. They often get overlooked because of the small impact compared to more rigorous work outs, but even small benefits add up and make a difference. And if you are hitting the 10,000 steps daily with a wearable weight loss tracker, adding ankle/wrist weights will be felt and seen when you step on the scales. If you want to lose weight or just keep in shape, ankle and wrist weights will make it happen faster… basically you will see it faster.

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