A Walking Plan

5 Things To Include in Your Walking Plan

Included in my walking plan are my neighborhood dogs. I don’t know about you but there have been many times I had to turn around and go back into the house because a “cute little fellow” was staring me down. My wearable weight loss device does little good if I can’t get out the door. Walking back and forth in the living room, wearing a tread mark in the rug does not make me happy and let’s face it, the treadmill can get boring. I enjoy walking with my fitbit when the weather is appropriate and the sun is out. Unfortunately , the dogs do too.

First thing first, don’t make eye contact with a unknown dog. They will usually chase your ass right up a tree, behind a bush, parked car, on top of parked car, or leave you there yelling for help. 

I do not dislike dogs, really. I have one of my own but strange, unleashed dogs when I’m walking, raises my blood pressure. I try not to stare, a little maybe as I pass by to see if I’m being followed. I walked one time with my boyfriend and he was not a brave soul either. He carried a stick and this very large Labrador Retriever came right up beside us and actually took the stick away from him and then mossied on down the street. That was a funny experience. 

Most of my neighbors are very good about keeping their dogs restrained and I very seldom have to worry about one running loose but just in case, I try to speak nicely and smile to the pups who are restrained just in case one day they are loose. Better to make friends just in case.

A neighbor  has 2 shepherds fenced in and they would show their teeth and bark loudly every time when I first started walking. After speaking softly and nicely to them for a couple of months, they seem to recognize me as that crazy human who passes often and pay no attention to me what so ever. I think we are friends now.

But don’t let the dogs ruin your walk. Check out the and other similar devices and carry it with you on your walk. You will feel safer and it does no harm to the pup.

Protect Yourself & Your Pet: Use while walking, running, hiking, and biking to protect yourself and your dog from aggressive animals. Can also be used for personal protection when threatened.

Turkeys can become aggressive during the breeding season, occasionally even charging, threatening, and acting aggressively toward people. We didn’t have turkeys running around when we first moved here but they arrive in what seems like herds now. Turkeys may attempt to dominate or attack people they view as frightened of them. This behavior happens most in the fall when young male birds start competing with elders of the flock. Go figure!
If you’re cornered by a belligerent bird, don’t let the turkey intimidate you. Ya, sure, I’d be on top of someone’s car. Keep your cell phone close.

There are also a number of ways to prevent turkey attacks before they happen.
Stop feeding turkeys because that can lead to bold and aggressive behavior. They lose their natural fear of humans. You should also remove bird feeders. If turkeys begin feeding under hanging bird feeders, remove the feeders until the turkeys leave the area. Turkeys can also respond aggressively to shiny objects like car windows, mirrors, and polished car doors. Mass Wild life recommends covering the reflection if possible.

Finally, experts say you should call police or animal control immediately if you think a turkey could be a public safety threat.

Last Thanksgiving during dinner, a dozen or so turkeys were on our side yard. We had sushi that year.

Make a weight loss walking plan to use with your fitbit to start your walking for fitness. I try to have some organization in my daily routine that includes walking to get some exercise and lose weight. Of course I take my wearable weight loss device, my tattletale with me.

When I walk I’m more energetic, feel and eventually look leaner. Walking is a great way to improve both your mental and physical health. I love the feeling of moving around and feeling less fat pushing against my inner self. Making the decision to start an exercise routine by walking is your first step. Now, it’s time to create your own walking training plan.

1. What is Your Fitness Level Right Now

How physically fit are you right now? Be honest with yourself. Have you been a couch potato? Does your job require you to sit behind a desk and not move much? If this is your activity level much of the time, it’s safe to assume that you should start slowly. Gradually build your way up. If you start too fast, you may end up hurt and in pain.

Get a pedometer and actually see how many steps you take daily, a great way to set your walking goals. Until I started with my Fitbit, I had no idea what I walked daily. On work days, I felt like I walked to Canada and back. Ya, it could be non-stop many nights. But if you normally only take about 1000 steps each day that’s a pretty sedentary life.

Fitbit and many other wearable weight loss devices suggest a goal of 10,000 steps a day, but you may want to first try to double or triple your daily steps ( what you have usually been doing). 10,000 steps is many many steps. When I first started my routine or walking plan, I thought walking through the grocery store would amount to maybe 5,000 steps or more by the time I finished but oh no, to my surprise I had walked only 1500 steps.

Of course, with the MASK wearing days upon us, fogged up glasses, and obeying the necessary rules, it just may seem a longer distance. Also, just to add, masks seem to make people mean! Now, back to the walking, ease into a walking program.

2. Get Your Doctor’s Okay

It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re healthy enough for a walking training program. Get a routine physical and have a conversation with your doctor. It will help you make decisions about your current fitness level and set realistic and safe goals.

3. Walking Goal Time

What is your daily walking goal? Health and fitness experts recommend a minimum of 10,000 steps each day. That is difficult for me to believe. I tell people that I usually walk the 10,000 steps ( 4 miles for me) most days and they are amazed. That has much to do with your height and leg length, or step distance. It takes me about 2 miles plus what I walk around the house and yard. Adds up to a total of 4 miles appoximately.

Set a higher goal if you already walk 10,000 steps. That’s a good way to start. If you are only walking 1000 steps daily, try a few thousand. If walking outside, the temperature and terrain adds to what is possible and the difficulty. Be aware of your body. It will tell you when to stop. If you are really out of shape, always remember, you may go 2 miles but you also have to return!

Take your cell phone with you just in case you need a ride home or an unexpected lightening storm begins! I hate lightening. I have been lucky. I have run into some rain but nothing worse.

4. How

How are you going to do this? You burn about 100 calories per mile. If you walk five miles or 10,000 steps a day, you will burn about 500 calories, a pound a week.

When are you going to walk and for how long? Something always changes my strategy… schedule it into your day but if your days are anything like mine, something always has to be rearranged to fit my walking in. But that’s just how it is. You might have to walk three times a day for 45 minutes or once a day for an hour. Of course, there will be times, when you just have to not walk. That’s ok. Start the next day. Replan, don’t give up.

5. What you Will Need

Do you have what you need to reach your goals? For example, you might want a pedometer before investing in a wrist watch or band. You may also want walking shoes, a treadmill or wireless earbuds, wired head phones that connects to phone/watch so you can walk and listen to music. ( just pay close attention, you need your ears to hear approaching danger-keep in mind that only 1 earbud is needed) Fitness journals or wearable weight loss devices are so popular now and can be helpful and motivating. My tatletail keeps me moving. I absolutely love it.

Creating a walking plan is all about taking a look at what you want. Do you want to look better? Do you want to feel better, feel your body when you move, not just fat pushing in on you. Tie your shoes without feeling fat pressure when you bend down to tie your lashings.

Surround yourself with supportive people. A loner, friendless, covid aware ? Fitbit has a community within the application to help you stay motivated. So if you do not have walking friends, make some in side the application. Walk to Spain or France with them, the app will let you know all about it. Just remember, you do have to open the box, put it on, and move!!

Really?? Ya, I know a few people who purchase products, either a weight loss band, or a step up, or treadmill and complain that they didn’t get much results from the product but when asked how long they tried it. Well, gee, it was still in the box in the closet!

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