My Fitbit Inspire HR sent me another comment today. And yes, I still have my original Inspire Fitbit HR. I’m in love with that wearable weight loss band.

Talking about sleeping and getting enough. This is different for most humans but my wearable weight loss wrist band lets me know how much sleep I get during the day or night, some people are nocturnal. Count me in on that one.

Fit bit states to get better sleep, the bedroom setting has an impact on your sleep. Light, temperature, and noise are 3 main environmental issues that affect sleep.

Make your room Sleep-Friendly. Good sleep habits are linked to weight loss or better control of your weight and help to increase a better mood. Not so grumpy! Less grumpy so when your feet hit the floor, you don’t hear God say, ” Oh no, it’s up!”

Also, with enough sleep, you have the energy to be active and do what’s needed to be done. You may even enjoy going to work. Turn the temperature down in your bedroom. Studies have shown that a cool room is better for a good sleep.

Turn lights down, unwind as you get ready for bed, and don’t try to get your 10,000 steps done just before bedtime. Exercise and walking are great but not just before you want to sleep. In fact, with the lights dimmed, makes your body feel it’s bedtime and you will start to produce melatonin.

Also, take a day or two to get rid of the clutter in your room. I may need three. Too much stuff around can be stressful. Dust the places you haven’t seen in a while. You know what I mean, we all have them. And try to wash those sheets weekly. Fresh clean sheets encourage people to want to go to bed. Go to bed happy. And make the bed your “sleep-only” place. I’m guilty of this one. I take my tablet to bed and read. Hey, when we can now carry a thousand books, well nearly in that tiny cell phone, who can resist not reading. Just be aware, that it’s known to keep you awake and your wearable weight loss device will show you are finding it more difficult to lose weight when up and not as active because you are tired!

Good night folks, enjoy the weekend.

Reason not to Walk

The photo below taken 1/29/22, BLIZZARD 2022, not a fun day, no power, no heat, and high winds. Thanks to the men and women at the power company we are all warm and dry now.

Reason not to walk!

All trees still standing. Thank you, guys!

Heart Zones

Sent from my fitbit inspire HR

This is a snapshot of my wearable weight watch device. My heart zones are now personalized to my cardiovascular fitness and age.

Cardio shot from fitbit

Gaining Weight During the Holidays

Message from my fitbit today. They must be reading my mind. They are here for us, to help support all of us. I’m not sure but this time of year, right around the last 3 holidays, starting with Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas most of us gain weight. I gained 15 pounds, just eating and basically doing nothing. The weather is cold where I live and still held back by the covid scare, I have lost my motivation. Just excuses maybe but this has to stop or I’ll be rolling out the door!

Fitbit is offering a free trial of their premium membership. You can unlock video workouts, nutrition programs, guided meditations, and much more. Get started before you get fatter. The holidays are over. We may just have to attack the treadmill. It’s not only really cold in many areas of the US but slippery. Please be careful folks.

Exercise With Fitbit

I’m still using my fitbit inspire HR. It’s a sturdy well built wearable weight loss device.

If you are just starting out with walking as your main exercise, let me just remind you again, it works. Don’t get discouraged because the weight won’t come off in a week. It probably didn’t come on in a week and I find it’s much easier to gain than lose.

Keep in mind that this time of the year, from Halloween to New Year’s, is when most of us gain weight.

Then add the complications of Covid and everything that brought with it. First time for everything. But the situation may be improving in most parts of the world but please remain cautious.

I live in the colder part of the US and the Echo just told me it’s 24 degrees and will go down to 19 during the night. I have a treadmill begging for the company but I have just been ignoring it. I’m thinking of going into the fitbit community for company and competition. Will Smith and his team have joined and walking with him may give me some encouragement.

So, folks, I’m looking for motivation, and keeping track of my steps usually helps. Starting tomorrow, I’m heading in the direction of my treadmill and using it. I have my gifts all wrapped so there is no excuse. I’ll peek in later this week and let you know how I’m doing. I hope to tape a walk soon and show you my neighborhood. Until then, stay safe and enjoy the holidays. Oh, just one more thing to maybe brighten all up. Two nights ago, 12/21 was the longest night of the year. From now on, the night is shorter and more daylight begins. We are heading toward spring and warmer weather. If a June wedding is in your plans, put your wearable weight loss device on and start walking.

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Do you like cycling/ No friends that share your cycling obsession?

Join fitbit premium where riding bikes is encouraged by many. A member did just over 14 miles today…. yes, 14 miles in the pouring rain. It’s Thanksgiving and he wore his wearable weight loss device, burned some calories and now he can go for a second serving. That’s one way to get through the holidays and not gain weight. You may not lose any but you won’t gain.