Relax With My Fitbit Inspire HR

It’s not always about walking. The app on my wearable weight loss device has a Relax app installed. Let’s know right from the start that walking is great but you have to learn how to chill.

The Relax app on my device guides me through with a paced breathing prompt by using biofeedback data to show me how closely I follow the prompt as it also shows how breathing impacts my HR.

My fitbit Inspire HR Message Today

My wearable weight loss device sent over facts about nutrition. She’s always working to help me out. Keep track of what you eat. It may help you reach your health goals. There is a food- logging feature to see how your diet breaks down in calories, carbs, fat and protein.

Just stay away from sugar. I’m down to 1 or 2 cups of coffee with no sugar. I’m very lazy when it comes to adding my food. I have stopped my ice cream addiction and switched to frozen yogurt, triglycerides improved.

Keep walking and stay safe

Eat That Protein

Protein makes you feel more satisfied. Fills you up and keeps the hunger feeling away longer. My wearable weight loss device states 25 – 39 grams of protein every meal would help you stop the munching and stay away from the sweets and calories.

Something to aim for: 3 oz poultry has about 26 g protein, 1 cup beans has about 16 g or 1 cup quinoa has about 8 g

For myself, I’m always hungry before bedtime, have difficulty sleeping anyway so hunger makes it worse. A protein snack just before lying down to attempt to sleep, keeps the hunger away without adding carbs and calories keep me awake so I sleep better, at least 4 hours, good for me, and helps keep the weight off.

I removed the fitbit last week just for a break, gained a pound but put it back on today, this Sunday am. Back to the races.

Have a good weekend, stay safe and think skinny!

Fitnus Smartwatch

Fitnus Smartwatch

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Wellness Reports Coming From Fitbit Inspire HR

fitbit inspire
Reports from my wearable weight loss device

Wellness reports are a paid feature on Fitbit premium. Other wearable weight loss devices include reports, usually premium options also. The reports include suggestions on having a better conversation with your doctor. It’s a great idea on how to turn your visit into your lifestyle outside the doctor’s office.

The wellness reports create an easy-to-read overview of your health information, heart health, weight, sleep and activity. You’ll be ready for your medical check up. Print and give this data to your doctor.

REM Sleep

Wearable weight loss tracker on man's wrist
Most Popular Wearable Activity Bands, Trackers, Smart Watches, measures REM sleep too.

My wearable weight loss device keeps track of my sleep patterns, from light and deep sleep to the well known and little understood REM sleep. REM stands for rapid eye movement sleep phrase. The average adult sleeps in REM about 21% of the time. That is when you dream. If you don’t dream, you’re probably not going into REMs or maybe just not remembering it.

This type of sleep keeps you in bed. Many people who don’t go into REMs sleep, have what some people call “action sleep”. They sleep walk, acting out the dreams they do have.

I have told people that I don’t sleep more than 4 hours a night or day when I worked the night shift. Ah, that’s a sigh of age. AH, I have been doing that since I can’t remember when, ah, so that’s not true.

Actually REM sleep occurs 3 to 5 times a night. It is necessary to go through all these REM cycles for you to feel rested. Experts say that adults 18 and over require 1.5 to 1.8 hours of this REM sleep per night.

So keep track of the REM sleep happening in your life. It restores your brain. My wearable weight loss activity tracker I wear on my wrist is more than a step counter.